Shower Sex Is Way Better!

Shower Sex is even better with fun shower sex accessories!


Ode to Shower Sex

Oh shower sex how I love thee. You’re fun, easy, convenient…and quick (because sometimes there is only a tiny bit of time when both children are napping and sex is possible.)

I love being lathered all over with yummy smelling body washes and a girly-loofah. Feeling the warm water cascade down my body—I always hog the water and my husband (who knows he is going to get sex) is more than happy to accommodate. Bodies all slippery and slidy against one another. I’m clean before, during and after.

Throw in some Pink silicone lube that’s discretely hiding behind the shampoo and you have yourself one fun sex party! There’s really nothing I can say against shower sex, other than if things get a bit vigorous, there’s a chance of slippage. And now even that is but a distant memory.

Shower Sex Just Got Better!

Just imagine then ladies and gentlemen—drum roll please—shower sex just got better! Yes, it’s really true. Sport Sheets ( has come out with an incredible line of shower sex accessories. Thank goodness this challenge was a perfect excuse to try them out.

Although Sportsheets has a complete line of shower sex products, I only asked for three things: the Dual Handle, the Single Locking Footrest and the Vibrating Sponge (*see product description below).

All of the handles lock securely in place with two heavy-duty suction cups. They’ll stick to any smooth surface—glass, tiles over four inches wide, fiberglass—and once you’ve pressed them into place, you simply push down the levers on each end and they’ll stay there for as long as you want them to.

The products look like something that would go into a shower so if you ‘forget’ about them and your kids/ mom/ friends see it, they won’t have a clue that they are meant for sex.

My thoughts on Shower Sex Accessories

We have the perfect sex shower in our downstairs; however, because it’s made of small tile the handle and footrest couldn’t suction. Major bummer! We had to use the upstairs shower and the first order of business was to remove all the kid’s (mood killer) bath toys.

Next was putting up the accessories which I let my husband do. It’s super easy to attach and we both had fun hanging off the dual handle just to see how strong it was. I really liked the footrest and can see me shaving my legs with it at other times.

Having the added leverage and handle to grab did make a big difference to sex. It made sex feel much safer and therefore allowed me to get more into the sex. Plus there’s a lot more opportunity to try different positions or ideas.

I’m really pleased with this line and want to get a few more products for future showers.

My husbands thoughts on Shower Sex Accessories

The only tricky thing about this product line is figuring out ahead of time where to place the handle and footrest. So my engineer minded husband thought (all week) where they should be placed in the shower. His placement ideas were alright but needed to be tweaked. His engineering ego was a bit bruised so he didn’t give the product a rating. (I told him he needs to rethink the placement for the next time we have shower sex—which placated him.)

Lesson I learned from last week: Being a new mom isn’t what zaps my libido; therefore supposed pills and potions that help arousal probably aren’t going to work.

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8 Small Ways To Make Shower Sex Better, Because You Must Choose Your Positions Wisely

So you want to have sex in the shower. Maybe you’re feeling a little adventurous. Maybe you live in New York City with three roommates in two bunk beds and this is your only hope for privacy. Maybe your SO has BO and you’d like to avoid that whole conversation. Shower sex to the rescue!

Some naysayers like to say shower sex is difficult, but frankly, the benefits outweigh the challenges. For one thing, the acoustics: if you tend to break into song during sex, guess what? You’re going to sound amazing. It’s also extremely efficient. You know how some people shower before sex? Or right after, like that Catholic guy who Miranda dated in SATC season one? You can do it DURING. How’s that for time saving? (Pretty darn good, I’d say, even if you’re not showering all that often).

There’s also the matter of moon sex, which is what hippies like to call boning during your period. Two great things about this when combined with showering: you can spare your towels (and also spare yourself the extremely unsexy act of pausing to get towels) while also effortlessly recreating the best scene from Psycho. There’s no losing here.

There are some downsides though. One is safety: both sexual and otherwise. Condoms haven’t exactly been tested for hot water and shower gel situations, and since water can mess with lubricant (both the natural and the water-based kind from the bottle), you might be more prone to breaking a condom.

As far as your non-sex protection, hard slippery surfaces plus balancing plus thrusting have been known to cause accidents. Let’s all take a moment of silence for Hannah Horvath’s parental horror on Girls. (Actually, now that I’m thinking of it, this other awful incident happened to Hannah in the shower on Girls too. Shower shenanigans=not a good time on Girls).

Disclaimers aside, this is America, so you know that somebody, somewhere has designed a product you can buy for shower sex. In fact, there’s a lot of products. Thanks, capitalism! These, combined with good old fashioned guidance from the internet, can seriously hack your shower sex experience.

Let’s optimize your bathtub booty!

First, your shopping list:

1. Stuff To Grab On To

Did you know people have created suction-on handles and foot rests for the shower? They’re for old people and shaving, and thus probably not meant to hold your full body weight. But they can still be game changers for keeping your balance or, erm, gaining special access, during pregame tomfoolery.

2. Shower-Safe Toys

Vibrating sponges, loofahs, and waterproof toys could all be in your shower right now. Meow.

3. Edible Soap

Another thing you didn’t know existed: flavored, non-toxic shower gel (think about it a minute and it will make sense). This is almost as much fun as that soap you can write on the tub with. Almost.

4. Non-Stick Mats And Treads

The best part this totally useful product: no one needs to know what these are really for. Blame your visiting grandma! An adorable mat on the base of the tub will help you keep your footing, while a few strategically placed treads on the shower walls will give your back some traction. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. (I mean that you can rest your back on them while you have standing intercourse in your shower).

5. Silicon-Based Lube

Sadly, water washes away water-based lubes. And since that includes the natural kind of lube, you might want to keep a silicone-based formula in your shower regardless of whether you need it on dry land.

6. General Mood Setters

I mean, whatever that means to you. May we recommend some music and the tub-appropriate equivalent of scented candles, the shower bomb?

7. Birth Control Other Than Condoms

Again, condoms haven’t been officially approved for wet-and-wild conditions, so you should have backup: a pill, an IUD, the other, Elaine Benes kind of sponge… you get the picture.

8. Choose Your Positions Wisely…

We would be remiss to say that sex in the shower is always the greatest idea. To be frank, it can be a little dangerous, and it’s really easy to back into a faucet, slip out over the side of the tub, or end up gasping for air under the shower head. With these factors in mind, it’s advisable to choose your positions wisely.


If You’re Their Height Or Taller:

Try resting your back against the wall and wrapping one leg around his waist. If you’re working with a tub situation, a well-place tread sticker on the edge could work as a great footrest.

If They’re Stronger:

Try wrapping both legs around his waist, and consider buying one of those stick-on treads for your wall that we mentioned earlier.

If You Want To Keep It Simple:

Face the wall, brace your hands, and bend over. It’s really that easy. Note: this is also fairly slip-proof and stable, especially with a mat (at least as far as slippery-surface upright sex goes), so, feel free to go to town!

If You’re Not Feeling The Vertical Thing And/Or Are Drunk In Love:

Have him recline and get on top (preferably under the shower stream to stay warm). Now say it with me: SURFBORT.

If Want To Lay Down But Can’t Because You Live In A Small Apartment And Bathtubs Are For Rich People:

Try it lotus style: have him sit with his legs extended and get on his lap, with your legs wrapped around his waist for leverage. Bonus: This is super touchy-feely and romantic! Other bonus: he sits in the soap scum!

And Most Importantly: Know When To Give Up.

Guess what? The shower is a great place for foreplay. Or afterplay. Or for partial-sex-but-then-giving-up-and-taking-it-to-the-bed play. If you’re not having a good time, move on!

The number one rule of shower sex is to have fun, so please: be safe, get some accessories, and first and foremost, do what feels good to you, including giving up on shower sex. I won’t tell anybody.

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Why handles are useful during sex in shower –Here the answer!

We all know that why sex is becoming an essential part of our life. Normally if we consider as general part of our life then we are wrong because sex is becoming tending in modern era. People are taking much concern toward it. There are so many websites and many more social networking sites which are helpful for their changing our habits as it is much concern with is done in private areas like bathrooms bedrooms; hence there are so many equipments which are generally concern with them. If we are talking about why handles are useful during sex in shower in shower and why they make such priority to couples. Some are the following points which are generally concern with sex in shower and what makes enjoyment possible:-

  • Reliable and comfortable: If we are talking about equipments and handles which are necessary and made much useful for sex in shower then there is a factual concept that handles plays an important role in making sex better and feels better experience. A these made us much reliable and comfortable while sex.
  • Fun and enjoyment: Normally if w are talking about why handles are useful during sex in shower then the answer shows that people always wants satisfaction as well as fun and enjoyment because sex always made our mood in peak. Fun and enjoyment will always consider while we want sex, as the first thing will always come on a individual mind before sex is that sex is always concerned with fun and entertainment. Mood always depends in sex. If there is tension and stress of work then there will be lack of enjoyment and sex will be done in improper way
  • Boosting your mood: Sex always help to boost you mood very instantly and quickly because sex is made with enjoyment. God has create much interesting thing in human being as when there is being intercourse between partners hence it automatically boost their moods hence result in better sex.
  • Explore each other bodies: Sex in shower must helps for both to explore their body when there is sex between them in shower then bodies will automatically explore them to be naked in front of them as a result sex will result better results.
  • Effective in build excitement: If a person wants excitement and effectiveness and uniqueness in sex the main thought in his mind is that why handles are useful during sex in shower. Practically he will get the answer.
  • Grab opportunity: Sex in shower always gave importance to grab good opportunity concern with better sexual intercourse. As there are many issues which are mainly concerned with sex issues but to tackle them is called grab that opportunity. Opportunity always comes once a time but hw to is creativity.


Here these components and points definitely help you to help n providing necessary information that why handles are useful during sex in shower

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How Do You Pleasure Your Anal with Butt Plugs?

Do not hurry! The most important thing in anal sex hereinafter the AU do not rush! Yes, AU – it can be painful and even very painful but not too much. Teeth hurt more. But it can be absolutely painless.

A little bit of anatomy

As you know, in the anus there is a ring of muscles, called the sphincter. There are two of them, arbitrary and involuntary. Go deep into theory. Exactly this very sphincter, shrinking, prevents the introduction of a member and is the cause of painful sensations, if, despite the resistance, the member is still injected.


So what do we need? We need to learn how to relax our sphincter. Once again: by default, our insults when trying to insert something into the anus convulsively squeeze the sphincter. We need to overcome this reflex. The ability to consciousness manages this same sphincter and let you know how to page your asshole. There are a number of issues that you may have to know later one being that How to gape your asshole. If you want to buy some anal toys to pleasure your butthole, head on now to and choose from a big collection of high quality products.

Practical exercises

Need to begin with homework. Performed without a partner, loneliness is preferable here, so as not to be distracted from examining your body.

Where do we start? We need to feel our anus, learn to manage it. Therefore, we begin with the fingers, as instruments are more obedient, sensitive and, we will not forget about it, more subtle.

The most comfortable, posture for this is lying or reclining on his back, with his legs thrown up, slightly divorced, possibly pulled to the body. Nails It is better to cut the nails short. Apply a little grease on your fingers and begin to lubricate the anus with them. It is desirable to erotic movements around the hole, slightly pressing, feeling, studying. Are you already a little excited? It’s good. We continue. Put a finger or three closed fingers, so that the tip of the middle finger falls on the tip. Now try to squeeze the sphinket, feel how it tightened under your fingers. And now stop compressing. Feel slightly relaxed? Now try to massage it, gently pressing, trying to get inside. If sphincter attempts to shrink, stop immediately! Relax and continue. The challenge is to get rid of the instinctive compression of the sphincter. Perhaps at this stage you will manage to get inside. If penetrated – you can try to penetrate a little deeper, then in a circular motion as if to expand the sphincter. It is very important to carefully ensure that the sphincter is not compressed! So that he feels calm and relaxed with a finger inside.

If, however, failed to penetrate, try to artificially relax it. To do this, just pound, just like when, sorry, you defecate. The anus itself must open up to meet your finger, which will easily slip inside. And here again it is quite possible that your sphincter will try to shrink! Stop! Relax it.

You are not tired yet? Feet not numb? And I already got tired of writing, take a break a bit, and while you fix the effect. Remember, we need to “turn off” the sphincter contraction reflex.

Well, you already get it? The sphincter itself does not shrink? Well, keep exploring yourself from the inside. Try, on the contrary, squeeze your finger with the sphincter. Feel like tightly clasped? Relax Achieve full control of the sphincter so that you can compress and relax it as you please, and, most importantly, that it does not compress itself. Have achieved? Good.

Emergency doctors and traumatologists talk about numerous cases of various objects that they extract from the anus of their played patients. Although I personally do not understand this. Any object can be easily removed with normal “feces” movements, possibly with the help of a hand. Continue the same exercises as with your fingers until you achieve the same effect – surely the absence of reflex sphincter contractions even when the length and diameter of your phallus substitute are not reached, and it is better to slightly exceed the size of your partner’s member.

Yes, still, as well as in any exercises it is not necessary to tire. Otherwise, the effect will not be fixed by fatigue. Therefore, play not too long, it is desirable to combine our exercises with masturbation and complete them with an orgasm.

Exercises with a partner

Well, with the experience of relaxation you have already acquired, everything should be simple. Just back to the first chapter – do not rush! It’s one thing when it’s your finger or a dildo that you have complete control over, and it’s another when it’s another person. I would recommend starting with the same games with your finger so that your sphincter will “remember” how it is – do not shrink. Then, putting the head of the penis to the anus, lightly press, gradually increasing the pressure until the penis begins to enter. In the event that it hurts, if the sphincter does not wish to relax and let the member in – stop immediately! Try again to play with the anus, maybe again with a dildo, and then try again to introduce a member

For the impatient

This is a method that was once thought up by me, then still inexperienced. So, what we do: we introduce a member. Despite the pain well, tolerable, it is not such a problem). Deep. And do not move, trying to relax the sphincter now. With a member inserted, this is much easier. After which we proceed directly to the frictions.

For men.

What will I advise men? Five, no, better to reread chapter 1 10 times.

This one. The second. Walk through chapters 2-6. Yes Yes! Exactly! Try on your own ass, literally, what you are going to do with your beloved. Yes, and it may well be that you will like it. And anal caress from your beloved diversify your life. And do not blame me here in the promotion of “blue”! Many quite heterosexual men practice anal caress both with themselves and with prostitutes (those who are embarrassed by their beloved). And a separate topic – strap sex. This is when a woman puts on a special snap-on dildo.

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