Shower Sex Is Way Better!

Shower Sex is even better with fun shower sex accessories!


Ode to Shower Sex

Oh, shower sex how I love thee. You’re like porn stuff fun, easy, convenient…and quick (because sometimes there is only a tiny bit of time when both children are napping and sex is possible.)

I love being lathered all over with yummy smelling body washes (as if browsing a gallery of tasty sips) and a girly-loofah. Feeling the warm water cascade down my body—I always hog the water and my husband (who knows he is going to get sex) is more than happy to accommodate. Bodies all slippery and slidy against one another. I’m clean before, during and after.

Throw in some Pink silicone lube that’s discretely hiding behind the shampoo and you have yourself one fun sex party! There’s really nothing I can say against shower sex, other than if things get a bit vigorous, there’s a chance of slippage, except if you have a shower sex mat. And now even that is but a distant memory.

Shower Sex Just Got Better!

Just imagine then ladies and gentlemen—drum roll please—shower sex just got better! Yes, it’s really true. Sport Sheets ( has come out with an incredible line of shower sex accessories. Thank goodness this challenge was a perfect excuse to try them out.

Although Sportsheets has a complete line of shower sex products, I only asked for three things: the Dual Handle, the Single Locking Footrest and the Vibrating Sponge (*see product description below).

All of the handles lock securely in place with two heavy-duty suction cups. They’ll stick to any smooth surface—glass, tiles over four inches wide, fiberglass—and once you’ve pressed them into place, you simply push down the levers on each end and they’ll stay there for as long as you want them to.

The products look like something that would go into a shower so if you ‘forget’ about them and your kids/ mom/ friends see it, they won’t have a clue that they are meant for sex.

My thoughts on Shower Sex Accessories

We have the perfect sex shower in our downstairs; however, because it’s made of small tile the handle and footrest couldn’t suction. Major bummer! We had to use the upstairs shower and the first order of business was to remove all the kid’s (mood killer) bath toys.

Next was putting up the sexually stimulating accessories which I let my husband do. It is a wonderful way to get aroused. It’s super easy to attach and we both had fun hanging off the dual handle just to see how strong it was. I really liked the footrest and can see me shaving my legs with it at other times.

Having the added leverage and handle to grab did make a big difference to sex. It made sex feel much safer and therefore allowed me to get more into the sex. Plus there’s a lot more opportunity to try different positions or ideas.

I’m really pleased with this line and want to get a few more products for future showers.

My husbands thoughts on Shower Sex Accessories

The only tricky thing about this product line is figuring out ahead of time where to place the handle and footrest. So my engineer minded husband thought (all week) where they should be placed in the shower. His placement ideas were alright but needed to be tweaked. His engineering ego was a bit bruised so he didn’t give the product a rating. (I told him he needs to rethink the placement for the next time we have shower sex—which placated him.)

Lesson I learned from last week: Being a new mom isn’t what zaps my libido; therefore supposed pills and potions that help arousal probably aren’t going to work.