Steamy Showers and Orgasmic Powers

Everyone has a different definition when it comes to “great sex.” What constitutes it? What makes it kinky, or what keeps it vanilla? The variety of answers go on and on. On today’s show, Emily is helping listeners like you figure out what great sex means to them and how to talk to their partners about it! How do you enhance intimacy with your partner after severe medical issues? Can men train themselves to be multi-orgasmic? What are some tips on navigating your girlfriend’s somewhat jealous demeanor? Emily helps callers with these sex and relationship worries, and more. Plus, she gets on the phone with Julie from Sportsheets to talk about how to make your shower time dirtier than ever.


The Shower Diaries With Jessica of Fantabulosity

Oh the shower… the place of solitude where busy moms finally get the chance to come up with the best ideas, inventions and strategies or use as a place to hide and let all of the built-up emotions out. Here you’ll find inspiration from our own shower epiphanies and meltdowns, and the tools, processes and systems that we use in our busy lives to help you simplify your very real, and very busy life.


Golden Showers

Headlines were flashing about Donald Trump, golden showers and sex workers so we thought it would be appropriate to dip into the world of watersports to find out just what’s involved in this yellow themed pool party. Dominatrix and sex worker Miss Fleur gives us the rundown on what exactly happens.


Shower Sex

Innocent Bath Time with Marla Hatch. Giving your lover a bath is one good stress buster.


Birthday Sex, Shower Sex, Oral Sex

Emails from listeners … I’m fascinated by the differences between higher and lower desires – particularly about Birthday Sex. A discussion about the logistics of shower sex. And how does a wife grow more comfortable with oral sex on her husband? Enjoy the show.


How to successfully have sex in the shower w/ DJ Mausner

This week we delve deep into what love means and what shower sex means with the hilarious and brilliant DJ Mausner!


In The Shower

Have you always wanted to listen to podcasts but complained that ‘you just don’t have the time’? Well this is a podcast to meet YOUR schedule. In The Shower with Taz and Marcus is a 15 minute podcast aimed to be listened to while you’re in the shower.