Our Books

We make brilliant books for everyone from teens to adult couples, and bookworms to reluctant readers. We publish books on the following lists:

Shower Sex For One (Link)

Shower Sex for One is a steamy, erotic story that just might leave you breathless. Go into the world of orgasm by water and more. This bare and revealing story will have you rushing to take care of business. With a special kinky twist at the end, it may open your mind to a world you never knew existed. This story is a quick lunch read at 2,500 words!


Lesbian Teacher Sex: Seduced In The Shower (Link)

When her games teacher offers her extra help with her volleyball training, the lesbian woman doesn’t suspect that the she has more in mind than just practice. Her suspicions are aroused at the close attention and touches her teacher uses during training and her suspicions are confirmed when the teacher joins her in the shower afterwards. Excited at the prospect of making love with a mature woman, the girl lets the teacher seduce her for some wet lesbian shower sex.


Best Shower Sex Positions (Link)

Erotic ideas for a highly anticipated big bang of pleasure. Written by Stephen Williams