Your shower sex isn’t that safe yet. But here’s how you can make it safer.

We all dream of the perfect scene from the movie when someone attractive surprises us with a visit to the shower while we relax. We did it while hot water fell on our bodies, and we indulged in fantasies, letting the passions carry us. And have we ever stopped to think about methods for safer shower sex? Read on because we have all the shower sex safety tips, as well as some positions you can try!

Don’t Go Extremes 

As the hot water evaporates, the bathroom becomes hot in every sense of the word. Our excitement grows to the top. And it is our excitement that can cloud our minds in situations like this. Of course, this outpouring of beauty is hard to curb because the warm water that relaxes us and our partner’s hands work wonders.


However, many forget that the floor in the shower cabin is slippery and that every sudden movement opens the possibility of a risky fall. Think of buying a non-slip bath mat with suction cups for your shower cabin, as it is definitely one of the good ways to increase your safety. 


Another thing you could add to your shopping list is a water-resistant seat or foot stand, as well as using a lubricant and avoiding oils. Let the water move towards your back, not in your face, so that you can see nicely in front of you. 


And as for the position, the chairman position seems to be the most feasible. The man sits comfortably in a chair, and a woman sits on his lap, and from there, they begin sexual pleasure. You can practice the same pose with the woman facing her partner.


If you prefer standing or don’t have a bath chair, the male partner should do his thing from the front while holding his partner’s leg up. It would be best to lean against the wall during this position.

Shower Sex Isn’t Always About Penetration 

Have you ever imagined oral sex while enjoying warm shower water? We believe it sounds like the perfect experience to try. And we advise it with a male partner sitting on a chair or the shower floor while the female partner is standing near his face. A male partner is to be orally satisfied by a female partner similarly. 


Hand jobs are super fun during shower sex too. Keep in mind that although water flows, it is not a natural lubricant — quite the opposite. You should either use one or massage your partner’s genitals with water, and a mild soap works wonders too.


Play a role, and wash each other up. Massage your partner’s body parts with your breasts, arms, legs. Be relaxed and indulge in your fantasies. Soap each other up and forget about boundaries.

Don’t Let Condoms Get Too Wet

How to make shower sex safe using condoms? Well, first of all, let’s suppress false information that a condom is not safe to use in water. A good latex condom is safe to use in the shower, pool, and other places where you bathe in romance.


However, if condoms are too wet or soapy, they can slip, and the soap can weaken them. Avoid putting them on when you are already wet — do it first. 

Don’t Stay In the Shower for Too Long

Well, we don’t want to spoil the fun, but the hidden dangers of shower sex are real. Let’s start with the fact that, for many people, this is not the perfect form of entertainment. 


They feel too awkward in some cases and hardly get wet down there at all. When it becomes too slippery from mutual soaping, and you are in a trance, it can become dangerous.


Also, water does not protect you from pregnancy. So, with that perfect sound coming from your shower, you can forget to stop it in time. Don’t even let it stay so dry that it hurts because water washes away all the natural lube from you and leaves extra friction.

Sex Toys Are Great for Shower Sex 

Shall we add some more magic? Have you thought about waterproof sex toys to bring the right kind of spark? Here are some suggestions. Vibrators of any kind are always a great choice, and wall-mounted dildos as well.


The pulse duo toy is the one everyone should try, as it gives back double pleasure. While satisfying the man, or his most sensitive regions, a woman can rub against a toy. The best thing is that both parts vibrate, so mutual pleasure is inevitable. If you have a lady who loves dry humping and has never tried a wet toy, it’s time for this device.


When you want to give your loved one some extra love, you could please her with a toy that mimics the clitoris and G-spot at the same time. Always remember to make sure the toy is waterproof.


Any anal toy might play a big role in the sex shower, as both partners can enjoy the love ride on it. But always clean before replacement in use. 


Even if you are shy, allow yourself to cross the line. With extra caution and precautions, and a few toys of your choice, a sex shower can be the most beautiful experience of your life.