5 things you need to know about shower sex

Whether you are looking for new sex ideas (try chastity play!) or have always been dreaming of having sex in the shower, we got you covered. Here, we will go through some of the best tricks you need to know to ensure you have a pleasurable experience with your partner. 

Like Chastity Play, It’s Super Fun

Showers are incredible. They can be relaxing, refreshing, and if you shower with your partner, quite erotic. It is an excellent way to combine two great things in one. Spending time with your partner is always a good thing, and this way, you can spice things up together. 

We’ve seen in movies time and again how shower sex is one of the most romantic things in the world. And we must agree. There is something uniquely erotic in having sex in a shower. Furthermore, you can try out so many different things.

Trying foreplay in the shower is also a big thing. Whether you are a fan of oral sex or not, you can include it as a part of the experience as well. But even if you don’t plan on doing oral, helping each other shower can be quite sensual and exciting. And the best thing is, you don’t need to worry about the mess. 

After the fun is over, both you and your partner will come out of the shower sparkling like a shiny chastity cage

It Adds Sparkle to a Relationship

Many people will agree that shower sex adds something special to a relationship. It is a beautiful romantic activity that feels a lot different than regular sex. For couples that aren’t into wild kinky things, it is an excellent balance of trying a new and different thing without the need to go crazy. 

What is important here is that you don’t need to go all whips-and-chains to feel naughty. For some couples, going wild might be an ideal option, but that doesn’t mean that shower sex is not fun enough. 

And the best thing is that no matter how long you are with your partner, shower sex can never go old. It will always feel as exciting as the first time. Furthermore, you can make everything even more romantic by lighting a couple of candles and dimming the light. It will feel fresh, different, and you will love every second of it. 



Like a Cock Cage, It’s Naughty

For some reason, shower sex always feels a bit naughty. Whether you decide to be spontaneous or not, having sex in the shower often feels like the kinkiest thing in the world. After a while, having sex in the bedroom can get boring, especially if you are sticking to the same position. 


For those that want to spice things up even more, you can always include sex toys. There are numerous models that will work great in the shower. Of course, we would recommend going for any type with a suction cup since you will be able to easily position it on the shower wall. 


As for the lubricant, you should aim for something that works well in water. Water-based lubes are among the most popular for a reason. Namely, you can easily wash them off, which makes them not as effective as some other types. A similar thing applies to oil-based lubricants since they can damage the condom. 


The safest option would be to go for silicone-based lubes, and they will do an excellent job as long as you’re not using them on a silicone toy. 

It’s a Whole New Sex Position

The next thing you need to think about is the sex position. There are a couple of options that work well in the shower, and you can pick the one that seems most comfortable for you. Bear in mind that the variations of standing positions are nearly all options you will have, especially if you have a small shower where you cannot sit or lie down properly. 


Starting from the beginning, you should try a position leaning against the wall. The idea is for one partner to stand while the other penetrates them from the back. It is a great option since the wall will provide the necessary support, and you will lower the chances of someone slipping by accident. 

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The only thing you need to worry about while standing is not to hit the showerhead and hurt yourself. The next option is similar to doggy style, except both of you will be standing. Finally, you can try having sex while sitting. The main problem here is the height difference, and it can be tricky for some couples to manage to pull it off. 


However, it is also one of the most romantic positions since you will be face to face with your partner. This is one of the primary reasons why the missionary is so popular. There is something special about looking in the eyes of your partner while having sex. 

It Helps Ease Your Red Week

The last thing we should mention is that having sex in the shower doesn’t require a lot of cleaning after the fun is over. This is especially important during that time of the month. While some guys might dislike the idea of having sex during a period, there are those who wouldn’t mind. 


Needless to say, there are ladies with painful periods, and the last thing on their minds will be sex. But those who don’t mind having a bit of action will find shower sex to be the perfect solution for all of their problems. The same goes for anal. 


You won’t need to worry about stains on your sheets, and turning on the water will ensure that there is no mess during sex. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the experience.