What’s The Effects of Anal Beads To Your Butt?

Prelude is extremely important! If in vaginal sex parties, you can skip over prelude, in the anal, not! Recommend to your lover to be tender and start easy. Stimulate the area of ??the anus using your mouth, fingers or sexual toys. Thus, you will relax, and the anus will be ready for painless penetration.

Use as much lubricant as possible! Unlike the vagina, the anus does not have the ability to self-lubricate. Using a lubricant is important for penetration to be not painful.

Do not hurry! Everything needs to be done gradually and with great patience. Penetration must not be deep in the beginning. Talk to your lover and let things take place in your own rhythm, and to any unpleasant sensation, ask him to take a break.

Choose the right position! The first time you have to try a comfortable position, nothing complicated. Recommended for beginners is the position of the “missionary”, in which you sit on the back with a pillow under the bottom, and the partner stands on your knees, holding your feet on your shoulders? You can also try to stay on top and so be the one who controls the “action”. Once you have more experience, you can try positions with a more advanced level of difficulty, such as best anal beads.

Hygiene is important! There is no need for an enema or follow a special diet. However, the area should be clean and it is important to choose the right time for anal sex: a few hours after using the toilet. It is possible that the first experience of this kind is not a very successful one, but you may also like more than you expected.

By definition, anal sex involves the insertion of objects such as finger, penis or sex toys in the anus and is practiced by both homosexual and heterosexual couples. Statistically, one third of homosexual couples do not practice anal sex, and one-third of heterosexuals practice it occasionally and 10% frequently. Because of the large number of heterosexual couples compared to homosexual couples, in absolute numbers, anal sex is more practiced by heterosexual couples.

The attitude towards anal sex differs both at a personal level and at a legal level, and there are some regions where anal sex is forbidden by law.

The church is against anal sex

The anal region contains a large number of nerve endings, which is why some couples manage to get pleasure by practicing anal sex. For a better chance of succeeding and taking as few risks as possible, there are some tips that need to be considered when practicing anal sex.

First of all, acceptance by both partners: The external anal sphincter must be relaxed to accommodate the erect penis.Local hygiene is essential. The anus must be clean and the intestine empty.

If you’re a beginner, think about anal sex. Anal sex requires some experience and knowledge of anatomy, in the absence of which the potential pleasure of anal sex can quickly turn into pain / nausea – for both partners! Even in the presence of effective relaxation, lubricant is needed to facilitate penetration, and movements it has to be fine. After anal sex, it is important to provide hygiene before practicing other sex (vaginally or orally) to prevent bacterial infections. It necessarily uses a condom. Even if they cannot be seen, there are a very high number of bacteria in the anus / rectum. Regardless of the preparations that are made before anal sex, regardless of the safety measures to be taken, anal sex presents some risks that need to be known. Sexually transmitted diseases can also be contacted through anal sex.

What’s more, some are transmitted more easily through anal sex. Thus, anal sex can transmit HIV, hepatitis A, hepatitis C, HPV, Escherichia coli, Chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea and many other sexually transmitted diseases. Regardless of the lubrication used or the fineness of the act itself, the anal region is very sensitive, and so injuries or cracks of the anal mucosa and the anal sphincter can occur. Depending on the frequency of practicing anal sex and the individual’s individual characteristics, the anal sphincter can undergo changes that can cause a degree of anal incontinence. Even if anal penetration cannot cause a pregnancy to occur if sperm are removed from the anus and come into contact with the vagina, can cause the sperm to penetrate into the uterus and migrate to the ovum with its fertilization. Want more info? Go to loveplugs and be enlightened.

Make sex in a taboo place

Whether it is your old bedroom in your parents’ house or office, choose a place to make you feel naughty.

Learn how to achieve orgasm alone

The easier you will be to reach the climax, the easier it will be for you to know what to ask your partner.

Play some roles

Even if it looks funny, you’ll be surprised how hot a sex game can be between Red Riding Hood and Rupert’s Wolf.

Try a one- night adventure

Forget for a night of “and have lived happily ever after.” Go to a club, hang the hottest guy out there and head down.

Try anal sex once

With the right guy and a good lubricant, you’ll be surprised how you can change your mind about this type of sex.

Try to stimulate it anal

When you use your fingers in his dorsal area, he will feel everything you do after ten times more intense.

Watch a porn movie

You can do it while masturbating or just curious to learn new positions that you can later try with your boyfriend. Or you can watch it together to get into the right atmosphere.

Use balls

Letting the other have full control over your body can enhance your trust and help the relationship. Not to mention that it is an incredible experience of the senses.

Tell them exactly what you want in bed

He cannot guess your thoughts. Sometimes telling them exactly how you want to move or where you want to touch is exactly what they need to hear.

Try a very fast game

Meet your lunch break, have sex, and get back to work. We guarantee that you will want to repeat the experience, in the evening and in the evening.

Look at each other while masturbating

He will excite yourself very hard, and you will be able to learn by watching him the movements that make him achieve orgasm.

Send her a sexy picture with you

You do not have to be empty. In fact, if you’re wearing a sexy lingerie to make her imagination even better. If his answer is not one with the exclamation mark and hot words, look for someone who really appreciates you.

Start a sex game

He is not the one who must always start the action. Surprise him with some daring or, if not, very romantic gestures.

Make sex in a car

In case you missed high school or college experience, try it now and guarantee that you feel like a mess again.

Do sex in nature

Maybe it’s not as comfortable as in a double bed, but it will definitely be a memorable experience.

Do sex with someone who loves your body

Ideally, this would be the lover you are in a stable relationship. If you do not have one, find someone who can make you feel like you are a goddess at least once in your life.

Make sex with a sexy stray

Even if you do not really understand what he’s saying, his sexy accent will definitely be one of the evening’s aphrodisiacs.

Fasilent sex

Imagine there is someone in the room with you and try to minimize your groans and sounds. It will be very sexy!

Learn to have oral sex as a book

Whether you are exchanging impressions with girls, reading books about sexuality or informing you from the internet, believe us, your lover will remain grateful and will know how to reward you.

Imagine it is someone else

Whether you imagine your ex-boyfriend, Ryan Gosling or a complete stranger, a little innocent imagination game, from time to time, can condense the atmosphere.