Love Swings: Deepening Bedroom Relationship with Your SO

A love swing allows the dynamic implementation of well-tried positions, but also invites you to let your imagination run wild and try out new positions. In most sex positions one partner is more active than the other – with a love swing is often different, because both partners enjoy the absolute freedom. Your partner and you will discover new pleasures that can only be stimulated by the attitude in the love swing. The sex in the love swing is very relaxing for both partners, since during the lovemaking both have to spend only little strength. For a love swing, by the way, contrary to many expectations, you do not have to be very flexible. Whether athletic or not, young or mature – a swing is suitable for everyone! Today we present to you five love swing positions that will inspire you and also help you to choose Single or Dual Hook Sex Swing.

With these love swing positions you are floating on cloud 7

Love swing positions are incredibly diverse. Each position can be modified according to your own wishes. The following five positions are among our absolute favorites:

The swinging missionary position

The classic among love swing positions is the swinging missionary position. The woman sits or lays in the swing and fastens her feet to the ankle cuffs. As she spreads her legs apart, the partner penetrates her from the front. In this position either the partner can take the scepter in hand and swing with the love swing against his pelvis, or the man holds on to the suspension and pulls them to himself. With each swing he penetrates deeper into it – with a little practice, depending on the angle, a good opportunity to hit the auspicious G-spot. He has a breathtaking view of her breasts when she throws her neck backwards. The swing quickly adapts to the given rhythm – in the right tact the missionary position ensures a great orgasm!

Fixed in the stirrups – Reitertimes different

In the love swing the riding position lives up to its name. While the man makes himself comfortable in the love swing, the partner sits with her eyes on him in his lap. Her feet are fastened in the ankle cuffs, which serve as stirrups here. Now the riding pleasure begins: Via the stirrups she can move her hips up and down. If you want, you can also use your arms and hold onto the suspension with your hands. This provides more control of the impact intensity and relieves the legs during a longer ride. ?? He has his hands free and can devote himself completely to the partner. If the toes reach the floor, the man can provide some momentum in this position if necessary.

Weightless doggy style: anal and vaginal love play

The love swing is perfect for vaginal as well as anal pleasure. In weightless doggy, the woman sits in the swing and supports her hands on the front of the shackles. Now she bends forward and stretches her butt back. He stands behind her and just this erotic sight that offers him in this position will bring him out of the house. By bending less or more forward, she has control over the angle at which he either enters the vagina or the anus.

This position can be varied on request. For example, she can sit in the belt and put her legs, like the partner also, on the floor. With her hands she holds herself to the top of the holder so that it looks like she is sitting on a chair. By varying this position, the angle changes – find out which position you like best.

Between heaven and earth

The straps of a love swing can be flexibly adjusted, and indeed so far that they reach to the ground. If you do not dare to rock together, but you do not want to be a partner, this position is for you! The man lies down on the floor or the bed and guides a strap under his butt. The swing is adjusted in height so that the woman can comfortably sit down and reach him. She takes a seat in the second girth, her gaze directed in the same direction as he, with her back to him, and fastened her feet in the anklets. He can now penetrate her anal or vaginal and move his hips up and down. She has free scope and swings with the swing easily back and forth or to the side.

Swinging oral sex drives you crazy

Cunnilingus or blow job – both oral pampering programs are swinging all the more exciting. While one partner sits or lays in the swing, the other partner kneels in front of him. Instead of moving the head back and forth, you can now swing the swing back and forth comfortably. Neck tension does not exist in this position.

Sex in the love swing: You should pay attention to this

If your interest in a love swing aroused, it is important to check beforehand, if the space you have set for your new love adventures targeted, also suitable for it. First of all, there must be enough space. Too tight spaces, in which many furniture stand, pose a risk of injury. In an average-sized room, however, the room center is usually suitable. In addition, the load must be checked. Is the ceiling or the beam on which the ceiling hooks for the love swing are mounted suitable for one or two partners to be able to sit in the love swing? Pay attention to the body weight when buying the swing. Which weights are allowed, vary by model – cheap models are usually only suitable for a load capacity up to 100 kg,

Beginners first resort to swings with padded straps and ankle cuffs. This gives you the security to learn how to handle the love swing. Leather belts with buckles and chains look very seductive, but at the beginning there is a risk of injury from, for example, bruising.

So you make the sex in the love swing even more interesting

Even more variety offers the love swing with the use of sex toys. You should not renounce a suitable lubrication gel – only moist and joyful the love swing leads to unimaginable highlights. If you haven’t got a love swing yet, head on now to

The love swing gives both partners freedom, but limited in some sex positions of the one partner in some way. In principle, he is tied up in the love swing. This can be exploited by the other partner, in which he stimulates other senses of the partner with feathers, eye masks, vibrators and soft devices and thus bring new aspects into your lovemaking.

The love swing is a wonderful sex toy to spur on love life – for both women and men. It brings creativity and dynamism into the sex life. We were convinced by the different positions of the love swing and it will be used more frequently in the future. Swing yourself into love happiness and feel your way slowly to the individual positions – we are sure that you will not regret it!