How Do You Pleasure Your Anal with Butt Plugs?

Do not hurry! The most important thing in anal sex hereinafter the AU do not rush! Yes, AU – it can be painful and even very painful but not too much. Teeth hurt more. But it can be absolutely painless.

A little bit of anatomy

As you know, in the anus there is a ring of muscles, called the sphincter. There are two of them, arbitrary and involuntary. Go deep into theory. Exactly this very sphincter, shrinking, prevents the introduction of a member and is the cause of painful sensations, if, despite the resistance, the member is still injected.


So what do we need? We need to learn how to relax our sphincter. Once again: by default, our insults when trying to insert something into the anus convulsively squeeze the sphincter. We need to overcome this reflex. The ability to consciousness manages this same sphincter and let you know how to page your asshole. There are a number of issues that you may have to know later one being that How to gape your asshole. If you want to buy some anal toys to pleasure your butthole, head on now to and choose from a big collection of high quality products.

Practical exercises

Need to begin with homework. Performed without a partner, loneliness is preferable here, so as not to be distracted from examining your body.

Where do we start? We need to feel our anus, learn to manage it. Therefore, we begin with the fingers, as instruments are more obedient, sensitive and, we will not forget about it, more subtle. This should acclimate your butt with the incoming action like the insertion of butt plug or the spanking with tailed plugs.

The most comfortable, posture for this is lying or reclining on his back, with his legs thrown up, slightly divorced, possibly pulled to the body. Nails It is better to cut the nails short. Apply a little grease on your fingers and begin to lubricate the anus with them. It is desirable to erotic movements around the hole, slightly pressing, feeling, studying. Are you already a little excited? It’s good. We continue. Put a finger or three closed fingers, so that the tip of the middle finger falls on the tip. Now try to squeeze the sphinket, feel how it tightened under your fingers. And now stop compressing. Feel slightly relaxed? Now try to massage it, gently pressing, trying to get inside. If sphincter attempts to shrink, stop immediately! Relax and continue. The challenge is to get rid of the instinctive compression of the sphincter. Perhaps at this stage you will manage to get inside. If penetrated – you can try to penetrate a little deeper, then in a circular motion as if to expand the sphincter. It is very important to carefully ensure that the sphincter is not compressed! So that he feels calm and relaxed with a finger inside.

If, however, failed to penetrate, try to artificially relax it. To do this, just pound, just like when, sorry, you defecate. The anus itself must open up to meet your finger, which will easily slip inside. And here again it is quite possible that your sphincter will try to shrink! Stop! Relax it.

You are not tired yet? Feet not numb? And I already got tired of writing, take a break a bit, and while you fix the effect. Remember, we need to “turn off” the sphincter contraction reflex.

Well, you already get it? The sphincter itself does not shrink? Well, keep exploring yourself from the inside. Try, on the contrary, squeeze your finger with the sphincter. Feel like tightly clasped? Relax Achieve full control of the sphincter so that you can compress and relax it as you please, and, most importantly, that it does not compress itself. Have achieved? Good.

Emergency doctors and traumatologists talk about numerous cases of various objects that they extract from the anus of their played patients. Although I personally do not understand this. Any object can be easily removed with normal “feces” movements, possibly with the help of a hand. Continue the same exercises as with your fingers until you achieve the same effect – surely the absence of reflex sphincter contractions even when the length and diameter of your phallus substitute are not reached, and it is better to slightly exceed the size of your partner’s member.

Yes, still, as well as in any exercises it is not necessary to tire. Otherwise, the effect will not be fixed by fatigue. Therefore, play not too long, it is desirable to combine our exercises with masturbation and complete them with an orgasm.

Exercises with a partner

Well, with the experience of relaxation you have already acquired, everything should be simple. Just back to the first chapter – do not rush! It’s one thing when it’s your finger or a dildo that you have complete control over, and it’s another when it’s another person. I would recommend starting with the same games with your finger so that your sphincter will “remember” how it is – do not shrink. Then, putting the head of the penis to the anus, lightly press, gradually increasing the pressure until the penis begins to enter. In the event that it hurts, if the sphincter does not wish to relax and let the member in – stop immediately! Try again to play with the anus, maybe again with a dildo, and then try again to introduce a member

For the impatient

This is a method that was once thought up by me, then still inexperienced. So, what we do: we introduce a member. Despite the pain well, tolerable, it is not such a problem). Deep. And do not move, trying to relax the sphincter now. With a member inserted, this is much easier. After which we proceed directly to the frictions.

For men.

What will I advise men? Five, no, better to reread chapter 1 10 times.

This one. The second. Walk through chapters 2-6. Yes Yes! Exactly! Try on your own ass, literally, what you are going to do with your beloved. Yes, and it may well be that you will like it. And anal caress from your beloved diversify your life. And do not blame me here in the promotion of “blue”! Many quite heterosexual men practice anal caress both with themselves and with prostitutes (those who are embarrassed by their beloved). And a separate topic – strap sex. This is when a woman puts on a special snap-on dildo.